The Iraqi Right and the Manosphere: United Against Women 

From their formation until their rupture, Iraqi right-wing groups have been dominated by misogynistic ideas. This article contains a critical analysis of the Iraqi right-wing and manosphere phenomenon examining their transformation based on the experiences of the women and men who were their victims.





From Baghdad to Europe via Russia: Iraqi Youth are Commodified by Smuggling Networks 

The smuggler “Abu Hussam” gathered five Iraqi youths, including Zaid, through the social media platform, Telegram and arranged false documents to smuggle them to Europe. In an investigation the secrets of smuggling networks to Europe have been revealed by Jummar. The five young men dressed in formal suits, passed through Sharjah, then Moscow and Poland, all the way to Germany. This is the story of a journey of escape of a young man and four of his friends.


Women in Tishreen: Were we radical enough?

Women in the Tishreen demonstrations were pushed into secondary roles, in keeping with the roles that women and men were brought up on in Iraq. They postponed their agendas and issues. This was a mistake which we must now review.


Ommetaphobia: The Gouged Eyed of Childhood

It was the first year of the occupation. In that atmosphere filled with the smoke of bombings and the fumes of fires, even the healthiest of eyes suffered. What, then, could be expected of eyes as delicate and susceptible as mine? Everything around me seemed to pave the way toward my impending blindness: the doctor's awkward questions and his clinic’s painful lighting, pollen dust mixed with toxic gases, the sharp blades of knives pointing at me at garage stalls and shops, the harsh sun and its searing rays piercing through layers of my eyes’ aching membranes, the suffocating military color palette wherever I turned... And, finally, there was the school fence, strangled by barbed wire much like our own lives were.


Mohamed Maseer: How Can a Triangle Turn into a Bicycle?

In this article, Mohamed Maseer explains the transformations, reflections, research and memories that led him to draw his new works.